7 Far Out Ways to Recycle

by Daisy on 06/06/2008

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Are you itching to flex your eco-creativity past curbside and compost? Got some weird stuff you can’t easily recycle? Or are you just like me and enjoy being the weirdo in the neighborhood?

Then this post is for you!

Use up all your holey socks, towels, stained t-shirts, and rags by making:

  1. No-Sew Rag Rugs–Learn this simple, little-known technique for weaving beautiful rustic rugs.
  2. Wet Wipes and Face Cloths–Clean up is a snap with these washable wipes. Convenience and recycling come together in this easy recipe.
  3. Tissues, Paper Towels, and Napkins–make everyday versions of all three from old t-shirts. No hemming, no sorting on laundry day, and most importantly, no snot in the pockets.

Plastic shopping bags are in short supply when you make your own:

  1. Reusable Lunch/Snack Wraps: These neat little wipe-clean wraps do triple duty by using up plastic bags, keeping new zipper bags out of the house, and keeping cash in your wallet.
  2. Soap savers/scrubbies: Use this pattern with plarn and save soap and the environment. Once empty of soap, the ‘saver’ becomes a reusable scrubby for your sink.

Non-compostable kitchen grease becomes useful again with:

  1. Homemade Bacon Soap: This old-time recipe isn’t just for bacon grease, but Vegetable Oil, Burger, Bacon, Butter Grease Soap isn’t nearly as cute of a name. Make soap like your grandma did. No residual smells.
  2. Crisco or Lard Soap: Cleaning up your diet and emptying your cupboards? Don’t toss that fat–Make soap! No special equipment. Only special ingredient is lye, available at your local home improvement store in the drain cleaning section.

Paper and yard clippings disappear when making:

  1. Super-Fertile Flower Beds: You could never throw another shred of paper in the recycling bin with this one.
  2. Hand Papermaking: This craft upcycles your prunings into sturdy craft paper, suitable for scrapbooks and cardmaking.

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