Beginner Canning–Dill Pickles

by Daisy

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I had a bumper crop of cucumbers this year from my own garden and the CSA. It was time to make pickles! I had never done it before so I started with a pre-mixed package of kosher dill spices from the local discount store.

I bought pint jars and the $7 Canning Tool Set. (I highly recommend it)

The only other tools I used were my Vidalia Chop Wizard and two BIG pots.

Oh, and a shot glass. Apparently, overrripe/cucumber-with-real-seeds don’t make the best pickles, so just in case….
I poked holes in them with a shot glass. Any slices that had ‘undeveloped seeds’ went straight in the momentarily boiled jars. But all the rest got ‘ringed’ as in the above pic.

After the boiled jars were stuffed with ringed or whole cucumber slices, I poured the super hot seasoning mix (prepared according to the package) over them and screwed on the lids. Not super-tight, but just a little tight.

Then I ‘hot processed’ them for five minutes.

And BTW, ‘hot process’ means “cook them at boiling with the water 1-2 inches above the rim.” Why don’t they just say that?

As they cooled, I heard the lids pop in and seal in the next few hours.

So, here they are! Crisp and ready to eat after one day of resting. (But do chill them or they won’t be as crisp.)


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ga.farmwoman August 31, 2008 at 6:45 pm

The pickles look great! I canned about 12 pints of pickles this year and used the same pre-mixed packaging of kosher dill spices.
I am enjoying your blog so much.
I have an award for it at my site.
Have a great weekend.

Ivory Soap September 5, 2008 at 12:28 pm

Thank you! The pickles taste pretty awesome. That kosher dill mix is righteous.

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