December 2008

Secrets of Raising Backyard Chickens


Of all the animals I’ve ever owned (which really only covers dogs, rabbits, and fish), chickens are the easiest. All they ask is a house and something to eat and they give you eggs. However, there are a few things you should know before rushing out and buying your own little flock: 1. Chickens require […]

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Homemade Fruit Roll-ups

Home Preserving

They are indeed yummy, but truthfully, they were so yummy that this was the only pic I got of them before they disappeared…and it has a GLARING white spot right behind those words. So, my taste assessment is there for your ocular protection. 1. Liquefy some fruit and adjust sweetness to taste. I did bananas […]

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Easy Black Bean Turkey Chili

Main Dishes

Aside from a little minor chopping, this is basically a “dump-it-in” recipe, a nice change after the cooking-intensive holidays. It’s thick enough to serve sloppy joe style if you prefer. We like ours with a sprinkle of grated cheese and a cast iron skillet of cornbread on the side. Double or triple the recipe for […]

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No Time-Outs for Christmas


I’m wrapping today, but my kids already opened presents this morning. FAKE ONES. Miss 5yr’s b-day was SUCH a disaster on the manners that we spent time this morning to PRACTICE opening presents before the big day(s) with the relatives. People go to the trouble to think about them, choose something for them, wrap it, […]

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Crochet Jogger’s Wrap


This is not pretty, but it’s my new best friend. Hubby and I trade out “jogging” in the mornings. I think he actually jogs, but I “jog.” It’s closer to that exaggerated “I’ll-get-back-to-you-in-a-sec–I’m-hurrying-to-the-bathroom” shuffle that folks do when they have GOT to tinkle. Anyhoodle, it’s COLD at 5:30AM these days. My chin, mouth, nose, and […]

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