by Daisy on 12/08/2008

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I engaged in a bit of thievery this morning. Here are the tools of my trade:

Here are the bags of loot:

The bags of leaves for my compost bin are from the neighbors. I liberated the greenery from the free trimmings bin at Lowe’s. Anywhere Christmas trees are sold you will find a pile of them where the quest for the perfect tree has necessitated some pruning. I plan to make some wreaths, but the majority will go on the paths between my raised beds. If you want some, too, just take your own containers and inquire politely. I also recommend the gloves. Customers will think you work there so be prepared to respond to questions like “Can I plant this (cut tree) out after Christmas?” with a straight face.

By far the most fragrant form of dumpster diving:

Be back later to show you the lovely pile of horse manure with my name on it. Less fragrant? Not to a gardener.

If you want to get into freecycling in earnest, check out it out here.

Found any good free stuff lately?

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