No Time-Outs for Christmas

by Daisy on 12/24/2008

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I’m wrapping today, but my kids already opened presents this morning. FAKE ONES.

Miss 5yr’s b-day was SUCH a disaster on the manners that we spent time this morning to PRACTICE opening presents before the big day(s) with the relatives. People go to the trouble to think about them, choose something for them, wrap it, tag it, bring it….THAT is their present, regardless of what lies in the box.

So, the two older kids opened the same two presents about twenty times this morning following the same routine:

1. WAIT to be handed a gift.

2. LOOK at the tag.

3. SAY, “This is from ____. Thank you ____!”

4. OPEN present.

5. SAY, “Wow, thank you!”.

6. SIT STILL respectfully and SMILE as mom and dad gush over it and say things like, “This book is the one grampa read to me when I was a kid.” “It looks just like I remember it. You are going to love this story.”

7. REPEAT with next gift.

Not that they’ll get all that, but, I think they got the point.

The “gifts” they practiced with were two totally boring grown-up books that I just happened to have in the bedside table, but we pretended they were from all kinds of relatives and opened them over and over.

We pretended they were something that they didn’t like. We pretended that they were something that they already owned. We pretended they were from relatives that weren’t their favorite people.

Miss 5yr can say it all now perfectly, but that last part about smiling at it while the parents compliment it….not so much. If it’s not a wand or wings, she stares at it like it’s a turd and refuses to touch it.

Maybe one more practice session before the Christmas Eve party tonight….then again, maybe 17 more practice sessions. Think I have time?


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Handful December 12, 2009 at 12:47 pm

Good idea! Good manners = good children.

I remember some doosies from MY childhood. I only looked at it ONCE like a turd. Then I got my mother’s version of what you are trying to instill in your children.

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