Recycling Crafts

by Daisy on 12/07/2008

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I’ve spent WAY too much time looking at crafts online, so I thought it was time to share some links so I could at least PRETEND that I was doing something useful. HA!

These are all crafts that I could do with leftover stuff hanging around my house, hence the title Recycling Crafts:

Pillow Case Tote– I totally have a pile of random pillow cases that match NOTHING. Do you?

Shrinky Dink Ornaments– Recycling #6 plastic is not easy around here and this craft can make use of those salad boxes taking up space in the landfill. I don’t eat those salads, but I might just so I can have the box and do this cute craft.

Bracelets of Power– Hello, use for the leftover glitter and tiny-beads-that-I-can’t-even-figure-out-why-I-have!

Advent Calendar– FINALLY, something to do with the mate-less child socks. Though, I might need to invest in some dye to spruce up my pile.

Towel Kitties – These are the single cutest thing I’ve ever seen done with an old towel. And I have a HUNDRED in the rag bin.

Coin Ring- I might be weird, but this is awesome, and I have an excess of repetitive foreign pennies.

Fabric Garland – This craft will work with the tiniest scraps of leftover material.

Etched glass– Again, maybe I’m crazy, but I have plenty of glasses that don’t match anyone anymore and would be awfully cute all etched up for the holidays.

Ornaments -Yet ANOTHER great use for fabric scraps and involves NO SEWING.

Really Cute Calendar– This isn’t really a recycle-thing-u-already-own craft…unless you own a paper company or something, but she uses recycled paper and it’s ADORABLE!

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Linda Hall September 25, 2011 at 7:00 am

Thanks for putting all these recycling crafts links on your blog here! This word needs to get out into the world….there is a more simple way to live that can perhaps save our beautiful planet Earth that we are destroying every day. I try to play my part! Check out my web link above. Namaste!

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