A Week of Sandwiches in a Day

by Daisy

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I learned a great trick a few months back. FREEZING pb&j. Now, I can make enough for a week, or more, all at once.

Here’s the method.

1. Lay out your bread.

2. On EACH slice, spread some peanut butter almost to the very edge.

3. On EACH (or every other) slice, spread some jelly in the middle, but do not cross the pb line. It should look like this:
This is important to seal in the jelly and keep it from making your bread all icky.

4. Smack ’em together and freeze in a freezer bag. If you use sandwich bags in the kids lunches, go ahead and put them in their individual baggies, then in the larger freezer bag. If you use the little boxes for sandwiches, place a piece of wax paper in between each instead so you can grab and drop in the box without stickage.

As a side note, I also do this with my son’s lunches. He prefers peanut butter playdoh. I make up a big wad of it, roll it into balls, and spread them out in a freezer bag. When it’s lunch-making time, I just grab a handful and go.


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Cheryl February 9, 2011 at 8:34 pm

I love this! I wish that my hubby like liked PB&J sandwiches!

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