March 2009

Moderately Sinful Chocolate Pecan Pie


This isn’t a “diet” pie or a sugar-free pie. It’s a pie. It’s naughty. Just not as much as usual. Less than half the sugar of the typical pecan pie, no butter. Nothing particularly righteous about 2/3 of a cup of sugar, but it’s better than two cups. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway. […]

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Mortarless Paving


Ivory asked me to show her how I put this together a while back: Since I wanted to do something similar with this little beauty spot . . . . . . I took a few pictures of the process. The bricks I used here were some of the perforated facing bricks left over from […]

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Getting Ivory’s Goat


Ivory, having read her town’s ordinances carefully, acquired four hens a year ago and recently acquired Lilly who may possibly grow to 2 ft and 50 pounds. (Isn’t she The Cutest Thing Ever?). Ivory’s town has been meeting about this goat (and her soon to be bought even smaller friend) for almost a month and […]

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Classic Omelet


One of the great things about the humble omelet is its customizability. (Is that a word?) I wanted to learn how to make the egg part the “right” way. Then I could concentrate on the additions. Classic Basic Omeletmakes 1 2 T. butter3 large eggssalt & peppera few drops of wateroptional: about 1/2 cup of […]

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Freezing Greens

Home Preserving

My overwintered greens had begun to bolt so it was time to pick them and put them up before they were reduced to spindly leaves and yellow blossoms. If you’ve never frozen greens, the hardest part traditionally is washing them but since mine are in raised beds and the bugs haven’t found them yet one […]

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