Classic Omelet

by Daisy

One of the great things about the humble omelet is its customizability. (Is that a word?) I wanted to learn how to make the egg part the “right” way. Then I could concentrate on the additions.

Classic Basic Omelet
makes 1

2 T. butter
3 large eggs
salt & pepper
a few drops of water
optional: about 1/2 cup of fillings such as grated cheese, sauteed vegetables, etc.

Add the butter to a medium-sized skillet or omelet pan. Don’t put it on the heat yet.
Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl and beat in the water, salt and pepper with a fork until the eggs are a bit frothy.

Now put the pan on high heat and melt the butter, tilting it to coat all sides with the melted butter. Don’t let the butter brown.
Add in the eggs and let them cook untouched for a few seconds.

Now, with your left, if you are right-handed, move the pan to and fro over the heat, like you see the chefs do on tv. Feel free to feel very professional. With a fork in your right hand, give the eggs one good swirl like you are going to scramble them. (Ooops–pan moving so fast it almost didn’t get in the frame. . . )

Reduce the heat. Let the runny eggs you just reintroduced to the cooking surface (with the fork swirl) firm up for a few seconds. Lift up the omelet with a spatula to sneak a couple of pats of butter under it, if necessary–mine didn’t need it. Give the pan another shake to release any egg stuck to the pan. If you are adding any fillings put them on the eggs now.
Tilt up the pan and let the omelet slide to the other end and fold over about a third of the way over the upper surface of the omelet. Give it a push if it needs it. (Technically, I wasn’t supposed to let it brown, but I kind of like it that way).

As you slide the omelet onto the waiting warmed plate, fold the other half toward the center. Any slightly liquid egg will firm up from the heat of being folded in the middle.

Serve immediately.

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