June 2009

Make Your Own Insect Repellent

Body Care Products

This is an insect repellent for the skin. I’m not going to misrepresent–for me, it isn’t the holy grail of natural repellents which would last indefinitely and be 100% bugproof. I keep a bottle in my back pocket and reapply frequently and I still get the occasional bite. I do like it, though. In a […]

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Whole House Water Filter

Green Up

I swear that I get nothing from these people by telling you this, but I was just reminded this week of how awesomely inexpensive my whole house water filter is. This part cost $100. And this part (that filters a 100,000 gallons!!!) did too. That’s it. 200$ bucks and I don’t have to change the […]

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Ivory’s Garden Flop-o-rama


Remember when I said that you have to have homemade or, like, five bags of different composts in your raised beds? Well, I know, because this year I didn’t do it! I have NEVER had to fertilize my garden or anything else I’ve grown. But I got lazy. I put in a bunch of new […]

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Garlic Braiding

Beginner Gardens

It’s been a while since I harvested the garlic and the bulbs have been curing spread out on a large table on the screened porch. Today was braiding day.  Some directions say to braid right away while the leaves are still green and flexible. Some say to wait until the garlic is cured. I like […]

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Free Garden Plan: Fall/Spring Garden

Free Plans & Printables

Here’s the last garden plan, for the last plantings of the season. (If you don’t know when that is for you, print out our Fall Garden Planner. Yes, it’s already time!)  This plan is still worked out according to companion planting rules, but it has more flexibility than previous plans because of the cooler weather: […]

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