5 Ways Goats Do Yardwork

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I had no idea that if you didn’t give goats grain ‘feed’ every day–they’d mow!  (BTW, I’ve already gone back and changed the goat feeding post to reflect my corrected understanding…I’ve been wrong a lot lately, huh?)  Apparently, as long as there’s plenty of GREENERY around, they make do.

Here’s the drill:

1.  They suck up all the fallen leaves. (Raking!)

2. Then they pull down all the ones above their noses. (Pruning up the willow! Obviously to keep the fronds from dragging the ground and getting diseases. How considerate!)

3. Then they climb any available structure to get the out-of-reach leaves. (More ‘pruning’. Such over-achievers.)

4. Once the leaves are under control, they edge.

5. Finally, once the edges are clean, they mow.

Don’t think that goat mowing is anything like sheep mowing. Sheep bite the blades. Goats yank. (No top teeth, remember?) so that works fine for me who has tons of bermuda that’s all vine-y and will quickly cover any spots where they get too enthusiastic. but for you yard enthusiasts, this is not the manicured look you’re used to.


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