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I don’t know this never occurred to me before. When I was making my latest batch of liquid soap, I just popped all the oils in the micky for a couple of minutes on 30% power and they were ready to go!

Ivory the Inventress
(though somebody else has totally thought of this, I’m sure.)

P.S. I realized while I was making my liquid soap that my KOH(potassium hydroxide) had NEVER BEEN OPENED. So how did I make that first batch? By not paying attention and super diluting day-old regular soap made with NaOH(Sodium hydroxide). I went back and fixed the post. It’s more ‘liquid-ish’ than totally liquid. You have to shake it from time to time to keep it going up the pump, but I much prefer it to the true liquid soap I made when I tried the KOH.  The liquid-ish soap goes much farther and I kind of like the toothpaste consistency.  HA!

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1 Tanya walton July 24, 2009

Hi..I just went back and looked at your soap recipe…so it isn’t just hand soap which I found very interesting but I wouldn’t be able to use coconut oil..is there a substitute that can be used>> I am quite interested in trying to make some..also could I colour it??


2 Goat Man July 26, 2009

Hey sweety, having fun in California. You would love the farmers market!

Goat Man

3 Ivory Soap July 27, 2009

FOUND YOU! Ha-ha! Come home, dang it! I miss you.

4 Ivory Soap July 30, 2009

@Tanya You can substitute any oil you like. however, you might want to run it through a lye calculator to make sure the chemical reaction is right. And of course you can color it! Any color you like!

5 Tishshida November 25, 2009

Through you looking for details. It helped me in my task

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