September 2009

Patchwork Dishcloth

by Daisy Crafts

Needles: US size 6 Yarn: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Cast on 36 sts. Rows 1-2: K Row 3:K 3, *P2, K2, rep from * to last 5 sts, P2, K3. Row 4: K3, *K2, P2, rep from * to last 5 sts, K5. Row 5: K3, [K2, P2] twice, *K4, P2, K2, P2, rep from […]

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Crispy Green Tomato Pickles

by Daisy Home Preserving

As the days grow shorter, my tomatoes just aren’t ripening. And, I suppose, the SEVENTEEN STRAIGHT DAYS OF RAIN we’ve had haven’t helped much. If you decide to pull ’em green like I have, pickling is a one way to preserve them. These are tangy-sweet, with a good crisp texture. I usually put them up […]

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Clean Your Indoor Air

by Ivory Soap Green Up
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Basketweave Dishcloth

by Daisy Crafts

This is a basic cloth in one of my favorite patterns. This is also the start of a dishcloths-to-blankets project I am working on–a series of dishcloths of the same dimensions (same number of cast on stitches) which can be knitted as individual dishcloths or knit in continuous strips of alternating patterns and sewn together […]

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Thai Fried Rice

by Daisy Main Dishes

This is a restaurant recipe cut down a bit, but it still makes a whole lot of fried rice. It’s vegetarian, but if you prefer you can go vegan and remove the eggs, or go carnivore and substitute your favorite meat for the tofu. I often substitute the vegetables I have on hand for the […]

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I Could Write THAT!

by Ivory Soap Z

When people start thinking towards writing a kids’ book, especially a picture book, this is one of the first things that goes through their minds. But, so you don’t make as big a fool of yourself as I did, or get as disappointed as I did when you send off your first few manuscripts, we […]

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Callie’s Dessert

by Ivory Soap Dessert

My daughter’s invention. Bananas, smashed beyond recognition. A generous sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. A generous sprinkle of coconut. YUM! Incidentally, her other favorite dessert at grammy’s house is similar. Bananas, sliced. Peanut butter between ritz crackers, then crumbled. Drizzle of honey. She’s an evil genius. Ivory

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Getting Published

by Ivory Soap

Part of being a homesteader is to make a living with the resources at your disposal.  People in this lifestyle often often sell produce, make soap or other crafts, and often…write.   So, though it’s a bit of a departure from our usual how-to, I figured there were enough of our readers who had considered being […]

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Why We Should All Have Chicks

by Ivory Soap Barnyard

Which one is the store bought egg? Yes, ma’am, Ivory

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6 Lazy Ways to Reduce Housework

by Ivory Soap Simplify

TL and I spend very little time doing housework.  So, how do we get away with that? 1.  We have LITTLE HOUSES–less house means less to clean.  I can whip around this sucker in half and hour and have it sparkle. 2.  We don’t buy stuff–less stuff means less stuff to clean.  The vast majority […]

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The Most Important Step to Staying Healthy

by Ivory Soap Green Up / CC BY 2.0 Don’t eat sugar.  Lower your calories.  Have an energy bar.  Avoid carbs.  Jump off the roof! The diet industry can make us all really nuts if we pay attention too long.  And unfortunately, most of us don’t get any decent information from our doctors.  But, here at Little House we […]

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Watermelon Moment

by Daisy FLOPS

A moment is all it takes to consume this tasty fruit.  Lemme show you: Oh, tiny. So tiny. What went wrong? I’ve never grown a watermelon before. Any advice for next year?

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Making Homemade Tabasco Sauce

by Daisy Flavorings & Condiments

OR—How To Pepper-Gas Your Entire House So. I got ready for a normal post–here are the ingredients, here it is cooking, here’s the finished product, etc. I took the ingredient photo: Put the ingredients on to simmer for a few minutes. And went outside for a second. Which turned into several minutes. When I walked […]

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Chaplet Pattern

by Ivory Soap Crafts

It’s been a while since we posted a new pattern.  TL is convinced that the hot weather just sucks the afghan-will right out of us.  But, my gears are revving up as the temperature drops, so here’s my first little project of the season. Sacred Heart Chaplet *This pattern is similar to my rosary pattern, […]

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Freezing Produce by the Handful

by Ivory Soap Home Preserving

My Gran always called it ‘putting up the ______’.  It took a whole day for each crop.  Putting up the tomatoes.  Putting up the squash.  Putting up the peppers. I am not my Gran. For one, I can’t get all my produce to appear at the same time.  Second, I’m lazy and all day long […]

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Perfect Microwave Eggs

by Ivory Soap Breakfast

It’s not possible.  I know.  But trust me.  It all works off that ‘eggs continue cooking after they leave the stove’ thing. 1.  Place eggs in CERAMIC bowl and scramble well. 2.  UNDERCOOK them. For my micky, it’s 30 seconds per egg. This is too wet: What you’re looking for is just before it permanently […]

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