November 2009



Of the three Buff Orpingtons in our flock, two of them look like this: But here’s the third one: They are 19 weeks old and supposed to be all hens. No eggs yet so I can’t tell from that. The rooster-y one is the same size as the other “hens,” doesn’t seem particularly dominant, and […]

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Finding the Muse

There is no muse. The End. Just kidding. But it’s true. What we writers experience as “The Muse” is a sense of accomplish-ing. Past tense accomplishments only feel good for about five minutes, or weeks, or months. But, eventually the happy wears off. And that, my friends, is the curse of the writing bug. A […]

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How Many Miles, How Big a House: Eco by the Numbers

Green Up / CC BY 2.0 I’ve been talking off and on about going green based on the site that I ran across a while back.  Fabu!  For this edition, I’ll just hit you with the numbers, or RATES of usage and how many points that equals. As a refresher, lets say the average American […]

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Pleurisy Root


Pleurisy root. Milkweed. Butterfly weed. asclepius tuberosa. The same plant that hosted monarch butterflies and bees this summer is getting uprooted. Not to worry, I have plenty to spare.  I’ve learned that, in addition to being the plant for monarchs, butterfly weed can also be eaten, both leaves and pods, and the root can be […]

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Not-Soy Milk


This is Ivory’s soymilk maker.  She got it for her b-day from her very understanding parents (a physicist and accountant who poured years of enrichment, travel, and 16 semesters of college/grad school into a child that currently takes great joy in goat poop and regularly twists her ankles throwing chickens.)  Good folks, supporting their aberrant […]

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