Biggest Bang for your Buck- Reduce Your Footprint

by Ivory Soap on 11/23/2009

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Okay, we LUV the environment.  It’s our own charity.  Right?  So if we want to make the most of our charity cash…

  1. Recycling $0/point (and LOTS of points at that!)
  2. Composting vegetable matter $0/pt
  3. Rain gardens $0/pt (it’s a glorified HOLE in the ground, yo!)
  4. Sink aerators $3.75/pt
  5. Low-flow shower heads $14.8/pt
  6. Carbon offsets $16/pt
  7. Air dry laundry $50/pt
  8. Green power programs $67.5/pt
  9. Dual flush toilets $96/pt
  10. Programmable thermostat $100/pt
  11. Insulate hot water pipes $124/pt
  12. Solar digester (bokashi) $130/pt
  13. Indoor CFL bulbs $139/pt
  14. Insulate hot water heater $150/pt
  15. Outdoor CFL bulbs $150/pt


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Dove November 23, 2009 at 10:39 am

You could also do worm composting, also called vermiculture, and build your own worm box. I have one in my kitchen and they turn all my veggie scraps into compost for me, no digging and turning required. It cost me maybe $20 total, but I did get my worms (red wrigglers) for free from a friend.

Amy Sirk November 24, 2009 at 5:41 pm

Thanks for this list. I see a couple of things we haven’t tried yet.

If you use a veggie based laundry soap like Seventh Generation you can recycle the wash water on ornamental plants. One year we saved the wash water and used it for flushing the you-know-what. We got our water use down to 12.33 gals per person/day. Not bad.

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