Practically Green: Measure your impact to get biggest green bang for buck

by Ivory Soap on 08/27/2010

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Not all green behaviors are created equal. Some make a huge difference in your environmental impact, and others do very little. Some cost a bajillion dollars; others are nearly free. So how does a “Going Greener” decide what to do?

I use The website ranks green behaviors on a 100-point scale. 100 points is an average household, and 70 is a low-impact household. So, the average household that wants to be green is trying to knock 30 points off its score.

Now, unless you are going to stop driving completely (20 points off), match your yearly usages in green power and carbon offsets (20 points off), or buy enough solar panels to support your energy usage 100 percent (14 points off), here are the top three behaviors to knock a bunch of points off your score:

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