October 2010

“Organic” Eggs

by Daisy Barnyard

I can’t say the following surprises me, but it does disappoint. Check out this video report on YouTube, and then take a look at this “Scorecard.” How does your egg supplier fare?

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Curb Robbing Confidential

by Daisy FLOPS

I saw one of my neighbors filling bags with mulched leaves and grass a couple of days ago as I was driving by.  He had a riding mower with a collection container in the back, and he was stacking the bags in an orderly fashion next to the curb.  They looked so good I made […]

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Sunflower-Pumpkin Seed Pancakes

by Ivory Soap Breads

Some things grind in a coffee grinder better than others.  Seeds, for instance do much better than nuts.  I don’t know why.  I think it’s the size and the fact that they’re a drier product.  Anyway, here’s another set of grain free pancakes.  I’m addicted to them.  Butter, drizzle of honey, and then I eat […]

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Cajun Chicken Soup

by Ivory Soap Main Dishes

This is one of those recipes born of having a bunch of odds and ends and not wanting to go to the store.  But YUM! Cajun Chicken Soup 2 T olive oil 1 onion, chopped 2 stalks celery, chopped clove garlic, pressed 3-5 andouille chicken sausage links (any andouille will do), chopped 1 quart chicken […]

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Practically Green: To do it right, Casual Recycler would be overwhelmed

by Ivory Soap Green Up

I’ve heard people say that Reduce and Reuse should come before Recycle. But I’ve found that in my own life, while that may be the ideal, the first two are best accomplished by becoming more attentive to our recycling. Why? Because once a person moves beyond Casual Recycling, without reducing and reusing, recycling quickly becomes […]

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Pure Honey Cough Drops

by Daisy Recipes

I’m  a lightweight when it comes to cough drops.  The industrial strength menthol ones are intolerable to me.  I’ve always felt like such a weinie about it, but I can’t understand how so many people willingly put those things in their mouths.  For a dare, maybe.  For money, certainly, if the price were right.  Voluntarily?  […]

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Grain-Free Porridge

by Ivory Soap Breakfast

This is one of those I-haven’t-had-grain-in-so-log-I’m-dying recipes.  It’s NOT something you’d eat if you could have real oatmeal.  It’s gritty and sticks in weird places in your mouth, but if you’re missing hot cereal as much as I am, it’ll do. You’re basically going to make a soupy muffin batter and cook it on the […]

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