Build a Chicken-Watching Bench

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When I told my husband I was building a chicken-watching bench he exclaimed, “It’s about time!”

Now, I know he was being a smart-pants, but it really is a project I’ve been meaning to get to ever since we got the hens.  Just a simple place to sit and watch the girls gobble up the scraps and dig around in the dirt.  I don’t know why I waited, because it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever built.

So easy. My dimensions are sort of random based on the scrap lumber I had around, so if you want to build a similar bench feel free to use different measurements.  This is not meant to be hauled around a lot, just to be placed and sit there.  If you want a bench to stand the test of time and be dragged around, you should probably add some cross supports to the legs.  This is for if you just have to have a place to sit and watch chickens TODAY.

Four 4×4 post legs and two 2×4 supports. The 4×4 legs measured 13″ long and the supports are 19″ long.  I used plenty of extra long (3 1/2″) heavy duty exterior screws:

Five 2×4 seat boards, each 47″ long:

The finished height of the bench is 16″.

Piece.  Of.  Cake.

It IS about time!

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