Premium lightbulbs have their pluses, minuses

by Ivory Soap on 02/22/2011

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Before I wrote two columns on CFL bulbs, I had never bought name-brand CFLs. It just hurt too much to lay out that kind of cash.

But I took my own advice and bought some name-brand daylight CFLs to replace bulbs that had died. I bought GE. Sylvania, Westinghouse and Philips also have the bulbs. It was painful!

I think I walked out with more than $50 in bulbs. My cheap, Aldi-loving heart about broke. I made a mental note to stash the receipt in case they burn out prematurely, but that didn’t make me feel much better.

I toted my really expensive bag of bulbs home and installed a few in the great room and kitchen. Wow, what a difference! I’m not sure if I feel it’s a positive or negative difference, but it certainly isn’t the same as the store-brand CFLs I’ve been buying.

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