How to Swaddle a Baby

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The key to a good swaddle is the blanket.  I prefer the flannel 3×3′s I was given at the hospital.   I don’t find that I can get stretchy materials tight enough.

1.  Lay blanket square turned so it looks like a diamond.  Fold down the top corner as shown below.

2.  Place baby a little right of center, with her head sticking up above the fold. (Please, forgive my camera cord in these shots, it’s hard to swaddle and photograph at the same time.)

3.  Roll baby to her right side, being sure to tuck her left arm straight down to her side and pin the right arm to her side with your left hand.

4.  Wrap the right side of the blanket across baby and behind her, tightly.

5.  Let baby roll onto her back, effectively holding the blanket tight for you.  (If you don’t get a tight wrap with her arms pinned to her sides, do it again.  This is the key step to the whole process.)

6.  Bring up the bottom corner.

7.  Bring the left side across baby.

8.  Roll baby to your left and bring blanket around back.   Tuck it around, or (if you’re silly like me) continue to roll baby across the surface until the blanket wraps around completely.

9.  Voila!  Baby burrito. *Zzzzz…*

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