Treble Shell Dishcloth

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I like dishcloths that dry quickly and aren’t too good at trapping food particles.  I don’t mind the cloth removing particles, just that I don’t want the weave to be tight enough to get them stuck up in there for good.  Anyway, like TL, I have four kids jumping on my head all day, so this is one super easy pattern.

Treble Shell Dishcloth 

G Needle, worsted weight cotton

Ch 35

Row 1:  Tr in 6th ch from hook, tr in each of next two chs, ch 3, tr, *skip 2 ch, tr in each of next three ch, ch 3, tr in ch; rep from * 5 times, skip next ch, tr in last ch, turn.

Row 2:  ch4, (3tr, ch 3, tr) in each ch-3 loop, skip next 3tr, tr in top of turning ch, turn.

Row 3-8:  repeat row 2

Tr crochet around border evenly.  (I like to reduce my needle size for this part)

Weave in ends.

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