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by Ivory Soap on 09/04/2011

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katie September 2, 2011

The corn cutters! When corn goes on sale I buy 3 or 4 dozen and process, cut off cob and freeze. I’m really sick of cutting off the cob and missing half the kernel! lol And an apple slicer. who like to slice a gazzilion apples for apple sauce?

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herbi aka heather September 5, 2011 at 8:09 pm

One product will wisk away all those tedious fruit chores-Mehu Liisa! Look it up-if youre making applesauce, butter or jelly(or grapes, plums, any fruit, veggie what have you) this appliance is the MASTER of the kitchen. Its like a triple stack double boiler-no more peeling! I just cut the apples in half to check for worms and toss them in the colander layer-no extra work! Somehow in a recent move, even though I babied mine to the new house, it was stolen or lost-so sad!!!! My spouse just replaced it, even gift wrapped it because he knows how much it means to me. Check it out-you will never regret buying one(get stainless over aluminum though). Im going to do my grapes soon and I will just pick them, wash them and toss them in, stems and all, and get fabulous juice for jelly with little effort, no bags, no crushing…LOVE IT

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