DIY Montessori-ish Material

by Ivory Soap on 12/20/2011

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Montessori Schools are famous for using hands-on centers to help the children learn.  Many of the centers I set up for my kids are thieved from Montessori, but since these materials can get really pricey, I sometimes make my own.

1.  DIY Baric Jars:  (Above)  In Montessori schools, these are usually tablets.  The children weigh them in their hands and sort into three piles to develop their ability to sense differences in weight.  I did mine in more of a go-together format.

2.  DIY Alphabet Rocks:  I use a printed version of the traditional Moveable Alphabet for mass word-building, but when I’m introducing a new sound or phonogram, I reach for my homemade alphabet rocks.  Dollar Tree rocks, trays, with paint pens and spray coat.

3.  DIY Touch boards:  Dollar tree sandpaper and free floor samples from Depot make this activity super cheap.  Just make sure you do better with your glue than I did.  Glad this is an eyes closed activity.

4.  Object boxes:  Montessori schools use object boxes for  sorting initial sounds and for word building (shown below).  This post is all about how to build them on the cheap.


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Jelaine Zastrow December 20, 2011 at 7:18 am

Where do you find all these fab ideas and what the intended achievement is to be? My friend sends her little daughter to this school. At home she is truly too busy to get into these exercises because she helps her husband with their business. I do have time but I do not have this precious info. Please…..

Deanna December 20, 2011 at 4:46 pm

There is a WEALTH of websites for these kind of activities. My favorite is Just click on the headings and there are instructions for individual activities in the side bar. Each activity has, at the bottom, the intended aim.

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