DIY Practical Life Kids’ Centers

by Ivory Soap on 12/18/2011

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For those of you who have to keep your kids busy this week and are looking for activities that will also be somewhat educational, here’s a few “Practical Life” centers from my new baby blog  Little Schoolhouse in the Suburbs.

1.  Carrot Cutting and Egg Cracking:  (Shown above) Just make sure you’re having a frittata for dinner, cause they will crack eggs for as long as they can!

2.  Sifting Center:  This center was very popular at my house.  But, if you have a really enthusaistic sifter, you may need to move this activity to the yard!

3.  Scrubbing the sink :  Kids will scrub the same surface over and over for practice.  We have have cleanest bathroom sink in the world.  It’s extra fun if you let them grate soap and churn bubbles with a hand mixer.

4. Battery testing:  Huge hit!  The mixed them up and tested them over and over.  Now, there’s no batteries wasted at our house because no one knows if they’re good or not.

5.  Braiding Post:  Dollar Tree fleeces and a stick of furniture.  My daughter has braidied everything in the hosue after this activity.

6.  Combination Lock Opening:  This one is for your older kids.  Too hard for the littles.  But, my big kids treated it like a Rubix Cube.  Worked on it forever to master the skill.

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Kacy December 20, 2011 at 8:43 pm

Great suggestions! It was raining today, but I managed to keep my 3 year old busy by washing the glass doors and the mirror in the kids’ bathroom. She LOVED it!

Ivory Soap December 21, 2011 at 2:44 pm

Kacy, Isn’t that a scream? Who knew!

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