Homeschool Day 12/2011

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Back in the day when I first started, homeschooling took a lot of time and involved a lot of books.  Then, after my fourth was born, I chose a classical, streamlined method.  It took almost no time, comparatively.  Good thing, since I was nursing like it was my job.   Now that the baby is done with me and taking big naps, I’m spending more effort on homeschooling and less on getting enough sleep.

Here’s our current schedule:

Waller around on computer or in front to TV until 8:30 or 9AM.

Kids have breakfast while I read a chapter from a good book outloud.

I set out all of the entertainment centers for the unoccupied kids to use while I work with the other.

10AM School gets going with Big Kid:  multiplication, cursive, memorization, math, spelling, religion, science, etc…then he gets the timer to start his self-reading time (20min.)

11 AM  While Big is reading, I set up for Little.  Little Kid and I work on all his kindergarten stuff for about a 1/2 hour, then I set up for Middle Kid, who tells me she needs “Five more minutes” to finish whatever art project she’s working on.

12PM  I work with Middle on all her subjects until she gets to handwriting and her journal time.  She fights me a little on school work sometimes, so we’re sometimes in there until 1PM.

*I don’t make lunch much anymore.  They’re big enough to snack around themselves.  They just clear with me what they’re getting.  We have a “6g protein before carb” rule to keep emotions in check.

1PM-2PM  Clean up.  Usually just me.  Luckily since I organize what centers I want at the beginning of each week, I can just toss them all in a crate.  It’s the vacuuming and combing the floor for choking hazards that takes so long.

Get up baby and feed her.  Hang out till 3:30 or 4PM when Grammy comes home or the kids in the neighborhood come out to play.

Watch some Castle or other murder mystery, head home to hang with Hubby.


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