Corn Flake Injury


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This is perhaps the most vicious homemaking injury I’ve ever received.  It’s like a paper cut on steroids.  This picture was taken after two days and lots of antibiotic ointment.  It actually goes across three fingers, but it was hard to get the light to go in between my middle and ring finger.

So how did I do it?

Dried cornflakes on a baby seat.

We have one of these for Baby.

She was eating soggy cornflakes, and of course, rubbed it all over her chair.

It dried.

For a day or so.

(Yep, I’m lazy)

I put it in the shower with me to soften while I washed my hair.

After a sufficient amount of time, I attempted to brush off the dried flake blobs.

That’s when it happened.

The corn flakes were so incredibly cemented in place  IT CUT MY HAND OPEN ACROSS THREE FINGERS!

I thought  I *know* I didn’t just cut my hand on a corn flake.  Has to be a scratch.


I couldn’t believe it.

Hubby couldn’t believe it.

Can you believe it?

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