DIY Local Species Education

by Ivory Soap on 01/11/2012

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I’m really proud of my local species vertebrate cards.  I decided that, while it was cool to teach the kids about the world, I should first teach them about what is HERE.  I love hearing them argue about whether or not that’s an English Sparrow or a Carolina Chickadee.

So, I made a BUNCH of cards.  I think these will work for a large section of the country, but I certainly know they will work for the middle woodlands of America.

See the blog post HERE for all the pics and download info.

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Emily January 20, 2012 at 5:57 am

I’m checking this out now! But what I really need is a good native plant source, we have so many berries and such everywhere out here (missouri) and google does not help, lol. Thanks for the info!

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