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by Daisy

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My friend Stacy is a genius.

Stacy wrote this great book about family garden togetherness activities.

And (after reading it for myself, of course) I gave it to my mother for Nana Days.

Nana Days are the greatest invention since electricity.  It’s where I take my kiddo over to Nana’s house (that’s grandma’s house) every other day after school for a couple of hours and they have Nana time.

This book is made for Nana Days.  It’s full of cool but simple garden-oriented outdoor projects AND easy recipes that are just the thing for the two of them.  My mother is over all the complicated, frou frou cooking with lots of hard-to-find ingredients after feeding a family of seven for eight hundred years, and my seven-year-old is seven years old and Not Martha (yet, anyway).

So on Nana Days, they can pick out a project, or a recipe, and magic happens.  Memories are made, and I only have to balance the needs of the three other children for a few hours.  Thank you, Stacy!

If you’re on the lookout for kid-friendly garden activity books, this is perfect.  Sweet, warm-hearted, and easily do-able with ordinary stuff you probably already have around the house, the projects in this book are adorable.

I love this one:

And this looks like so much fun.  What’s more awesome than squishing dough into something and then squishing stuff into the dough?  And, aw, itty bitty handprints . . . Must do this:

One more, I can’t resist.  So pretty and unexpected.  What a perfect place for all those tiny spring ” bouquets” your kids bring you and you never know what to do with them:

Stacy is having a giveaway of her book on her blog for the whole month of March.  She has ten copies up for grabs, so if you want to get in the running, click here for her giveaway page.


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ronda March 1, 2012 at 7:42 pm

great ideas !!

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