10 Things to Do With Zucchini

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The season of zucchini abundance is upon us.  And just in case you’re getting tired of your usual recipes and storage methods, here’s 10 more to keep you creative.

1.  Make Daisy’s fabulous Zucchini Pie

2.  Make Deanna’s fast and easy Egg  in a Zucchini Basket

3.  Make Deanna’s Zucchini fritters

4.  Make Daisy’s Fried Squash

5.  Cut, blanch, and freeze for grain-free noodles or stirfry  (Use within four months for best flavor)

6.  Eat it raw on a salad.  My favorite Ruby Tuesday Salad: olives, lettuce, sunflower seeds, peas, shredded carrots, eggs, bacon, zucchini sticks

7.  Make zucchini pickles, fermented, fridge, or canned

8.  Dry slices in the oven or dehydrator

9.  Push it on your neighbors.

10. Throw it at your enemies.


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