How To Kill a Fly

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We love using our electric flyswatter.  That crack of electricity when you get one is such a satisfying sound.  However, there is a technique to catching those buggers.  This is a really short post, but it will change your life.

1.  Wait for the fly to land.

2.  Place edge of racket on surface, about eight inches from fly’s rear end.

3.  Briskly scrape it across the surface and try to smack in in the tuckus!


Why does this work?  Because flies take off horizontally, not vertically.  And you know he’s going to try to run.  If you come at him from above, you can’t catch him.  But if you’re on his tail, moving horizontally just like him, he can’t escape.

It takes a little practice, but my world is a better place…

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