4 Ways to Live Seasonally in August

by Ivory Soap

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‘Tis the Season

Back to school?  Yes, but August is about a lot more than that if you DIY.  August is the advent of a whole new season for DIYers.  As we explained in  THIS POST:

  • Winter is Building Season.  The leaves are down and the saps’s not running, so this is the time to build beds, plant trees, and order all your new critters to build up your barnyard for spring.
  • Spring is Baby Season.  Baby plants arrive, baby animals arrive.  Lots of coddling the both of them.
  • Summer is Home Preserving.  Harvest (or shop at Farmer’s market), preserve, harvest, preserve.  Turn that milk into cheese!
  • Fall is DIY Season.  Stitchers, crocheters, soapers, and the like need TIME to get those Christmas gifts ready.

1.  Plan your DIY year.

If you give teacher presents, your soap needs to be curing at Halloween.  While we’re doing that, might as well get all the crocheted washcloths done, the household cleaning supplies mixed, the lip balm and body butter set for the year.

So while we’re ordering stuff online, we plan all the DIY products and gifts for the year.

2.  Last chance for hot crops.

The tomatoes are about to disappear, so keep harvesting or shopping Farmer’s Markets and preserving that summer goodness.  Come January, you’ll be glad you have frozen summer tomatoes when the stores only carry those mealy winter impostors.

3.  Plant your fall crops.

Not everyone does a fall garden.  Most of us are burned out.  But if you do want some winter lettuce and garlic next spring, print out our Fall Planner or head to THIS SITE for email reminders on what to plant when.

4.  Order specialty trees.

Tree planting season is winter.  But if you want something really different and plan to order it, now is the time.  Most tree suppliers send the plants in the right season for your area…several months from now.  But, if you want something weird that might disappear, order now.

Things to Ignore (because it’s not the right season)

  • Bees and baby chicks.  We order them in the winter.
  • Tree planting.
  • Planting hot crops, like tomatoes and corn.
  • Building runs, cages, new beds.
  • Making gifts.  we’re just planning right now.

For all of these recipes and processes in grand detail:

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Michelle H August 14, 2012 at 4:27 pm

Not me.. lol.. I am making things now.. since I sell online.. grin.. only crop I am planting for the fall is salad greens.. since I wont have time for anything else..

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