How to Use Homemade Laundry Detergent-Tutorial

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I get asked this all the time, so here’s a photo tutorial of me actually doing laundry.  Exciting, I know.

As you see above, I keep my ground up washing soda and soap in an old baby formula can with a tablespoon measure I stole from the kids’ cooking set.

1.  Start to load clothes and then remember that you’re supposed to put in the detergent first.

2.  Move clothes aside and add three tablespoons.

3.  Loosely add light-ish laundry, so readers don’t know I mix lights and darks on a regular basis.

4.  Accidentally pour big slosh of vinegar in the wash before getting the proper half-cup into the rinse compartment because holding a camera and a gallon jug at the same time is HARD.

5.  Set washer to HEAVY COTTON, because that’s where I always set it, regardless of the contents.  (The heck is Easy Care, anyway?)

6.  Notice that dials for the washer are NASTY DUSTY and that would be embarrassing to put online for the world to see, grab a child’s clean sock from the stacks of clean laundry hidden just off camera.  Wipe down dials and toss in the washer.

7.  Set freshly dusted dials to Super Load, Warm/Cold and pull button to start.  (I used warm to wash because with a toddler in the house, heaven knows what’s on our clothes and it makes me *feel better* to give the detergent a helping hand. (Temperature, Agitation, Chemistry, Time…remember?)

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