Book Giveaway: Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking

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This is the complete cheesemaking book.  Gianaclis Caldwell has managed to include everything, but in a way that doesn’t seem overwhelming.  From the science to the art, from the basic to the never-even-heard-of-it, this book lays it all out from soup to nuts.  It’s a cheese making book, but it’s a human book as well, with profiles of cheese makers and the cheeses they love.

With 35 recipes, it will keep you going from your first, fresh cheeses to gorgeous aged beauties.  The photography and illustrations are inspirational and educational, plus it contains tons of helpful charts you never knew you’d need.

Love this book. Be forewarned, though. It will make you want to set up your own artisanal cheese making business.

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Win Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking: The Ultimate Guide for Home-Scale and Market Producers, by Gianaclis Caldwell

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