Busy Weekend

by Daisy on 04/08/2013

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Over the weekend, we participated in our kids’ school outdoor cleanup day.  Once the work began and dozens of parents and kids began to collect bag after bag of weeds and leaves, I had an inspiration:

I wanted those bags for the chickens.

I collect my ‘weedings’ for the chickens, my neighbor collects hers for the chickens, but THIS had epic potential.

I made it happen, and now the hens are gullet-deep in THIRTY BAGS of weeds.  They must have thought it was their birthday.

They’ve taken this mountain:


And kicked and scratched and tossed it down to this:IMG_0745

The next day, we had another adventure.  This time it was Deanna and me, and her two goats.  Plus, lots of lovely Whole Foods employees and patrons.  Here are two particularly nice examples:


To explain, Deanna and I did a book-signing at Whole Foods.  At least, that was the idea!  Since we brought the goats, frankly all anyone was interested in was feeding them (salt-free) tortilla chips.  I’m not sure anyone cared about books, and who could blame them with so much goat going on?

Thanks to Emily, who organized the event.

Sylvie seemed particularly interested in the Ghost River beer tasting:


We can cross taking goats to the supermarket off our bucket lists, Deanna.  I think the most hilarious part was when we got out of the van and started across the parking lot only to be stopped by the security guard.

“You’re not taking them into the store, are you?” he called warningly.

We assured him they were going to stay outside and that the store had sanctioned them.

“You’d be surprised at what people try to get away with,” he answered.

Do tell.

We had a lot of fun and we enjoyed our delicious courtesy meal.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by and a heartfelt apology to anyone whose hair got nibbled or who got head-butted.

I can’t take Deanna anywhere.

Har har.  Sorry, D., couldn’t resist.


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Tammy April 8, 2013 at 9:24 am

What a fun and productive weekend. Your chickens and goats both made out. I’d like to think you made the Whole Foods security guard’s day, but it seemed rather run of the mill for him.

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