Guest Series: Mr. Ivory Loves His Smoker

by Ivory Soap on 07/31/2013

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This is Mr. Ivory.


This is Mr. Ivory’s fancy smoker next to his mutt of a goat.  MEH!


This is Mr. Ivory’s BETTER cheapo smoker with one of SEVERAL digital thermometers (yes, it’s hanging on an on-the-tank toilet paper holder.  GENIUS!).


This is what Ivory (Deanna) has been cooking for the last 4 months, since Mr. Ivory started his smoker romance.
Ivory's cooking

 Over the next couple of weeks, Mr. Ivory’s favorite smoker recipes and instructions will appear here. But, first we need to talk smokers.  You *can* spend a lot of money on a big smoker, but for day-to-day cooking (every day, no joke), an E.C.B. (el-cheapo Brinkmann ) works just fine.  And Mr. Ivory wants you to make sure to check Craigslist before you buy, since he got his there for $30.  Yay!


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Cinnamon Vogue July 31, 2013 at 8:23 pm

LOL. Like the goat comment. You are so right. The expensive units are just a huge upsell. Just bought a barbeque myself but decided to skip the $500 unit which is so over priced.

Merrilee August 1, 2013 at 6:01 am

Ironically, today on my list of things to do is……make cullen skink. Here’s the recipe:
I’ve never made it before but hubby has been smoking the heck out of things, including about 5 lbs of fish. Hope yours gets smokin’ soon!

Dianne August 3, 2013 at 8:30 am

We haven’t gone the smoker route yet…but all I would have had to do is replace Mr. Ivory’s picture (keeping the bass) with my husbands, and substituted a grill for the smoker……..and, hey, we married in the same family!!! The MAN family! LOL

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