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According to, the winner of the pair of LifeStraw Portable Water Filters from Camping Survival is: Susan

In case there are more than one Susans, the winning Susan’s entry is: Oooo. The ten pack of water bricks would be awesome! I could handle each one and rotating would be a breeze!

Those water bricks are cool; BPA free, FDA-approved (not that I trust the FDA, but, you know) and the result of a suggestion by the son of Jacques Cousteau–recycle plastic wastes AND provide water to those in need. THEN, the containers themselves can be used to build walls! Win/win/win.

Susan, please send us an email at to let us know where to send your LifeStraws!

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to enter. I hope you enjoyed perusing the goodies at Camping Survival. Most of the entries focused on water purification, which makes sense.  As Sabine said, “. . . because you have to have water.” We only really appreciate it when it’s gone, rationed, or contaminated.

I was inspired by Grandma Jean who wrote: “I will purify water 24/7 if necessary to save my neighbors.” Won’t you be my neighbor?

And by Katy who is doing a dual prep; one for her family and one for her disabled brother and his caregivers. I’m inspired and encouraged by all of you, and thank you all for participating in this prep-along. I believe a supportive community is our saving grace in times of need.

A great big thanks to Camping Survival for your sponsorship of this giveaway!





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1 susan February 12, 2014

Woohoo! Thanks so much!
And I LOVE the idea of building walls with the water blocks!

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