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by Daisy

I love “deals” pages on blogs, and I’ve been looking for some that focus on home farming and sustainability with little success.

So I thought why not do one myself?

Here are a few tempting deals I’ve seen around the net, specially geared for the person like me whose fingernails are filthy and who smells faintly of compost. Click on the images for the links.


Coupon Code: CASLUV20                                                                                                                     Cascade Yarns are consistently highly rated on Ravelry.

thumbnailThese aren’t on sale, but they are DELICIOUS. These are the Sweet Charlie strawberries from Ison’s that got covered in transformer oil, but the few I tasted before the explosion were huge and so sweet. They sold out last year, so I pounced on them. Split an order with a friend and split the shipping.


I’m hard on shovels, and at $5.98 I can have a backup, or one for the car. Free shipping with orders above $35 on Amazon.


The Seed Savers Exchange is a non-profit dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom and open-pollinated seeds. And if you join you save 10%. It’s not too late to order seeds! And check out their seed potato sale–20% off.


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