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by Ivory Soap on 06/05/2015

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So, I have been KINDA off of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet or GAPS diet for a few years.  I had quit shunning all sauces with modified food starch.  If something had a gram of sucrose, that was okay.  Still no GRAINS or MILK, ever.  I miss you, buttered garlic bread!  I dream about you, biscuits and gravy!  Alas, but there were french fries.  Ah, glorious french fries.

But, now I’m back.  While weaning this most recent baby, I “dropped my basket.”  Not significantly.  I just started crying about dumb stuff and yelling at the kids about spray bottles falling behind the washer.  I asked myself, “Why wasn’t I bananas when I weaned my last baby?”  I was on THE DIET.  Crap.  So, I got back on track and now I’m sane.  And starving.  Have you ever looked at it?  I prayed before I read the ingredients on my beloved Duke’s mayo.  Kid you not.

The idea is that if you eat di-saccharides, and you have unhealthy guts, the carbs go to the bacteria.  They bloom.  The make byproducts that wreck your serotonin. You cry and stomp feet when you can find the o-ring for the blender.  Yep.

I take a very high dose of mental health meds.  Many people are all “I could take the meds or care for my body.”  I’m BOTH, AND, PLEASE.  Just the meds?  I’m afloat, but something is still pulling on my feet. Just the diet?  NO WAY.  It’s a struggle.  Meds plus diet plus sunshine plus exercise plus whole house water filters and organic food and nothing fake and bone broth and, and, and…I might not cry at you in the grocery store.  Just kidding.  It’s not that bad.  Meds, diet, sunshine, exercise, and a hot shower.  But right now, ham has enough sugar to make me yell at the kids.  My live is weird.

How’s you?  Got any good recipes for me?  I can’t even remember how to cook this way!

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Debbie June 8, 2015 at 8:08 am

I’m so sorry to hear what you’re going through. For me it was the sugar (in all forms) that was causing my issues. A cardiac nurse I knew told me about Sugar Busters which was perfect for me. It turns out my thyroid was dying and causing me to become very overweight.

When I cut the sugars out a whole lot of my life got way better.

I sure hope you’re able to get things squared away, I know it’s tough when your hormones are going crazy from being pregnant. I thought I was going crazy and my husband wasn’t much help. The military doctors weren’t any help either. They just thought I was a military wife looking for attention.

My prayers are certainly going up on your behalf.



traci June 8, 2015 at 10:45 am

I don’t know the science behind the diet you are speaking of (although I am interested to read up on it). I just wanted to say be careful. Correlation does not equal causation (my doctor tells me this all the time). It is normal for your reactions to be different with each pregnancy and each breastfeeding experience. I just weaned too, and I experienced the same thing. I was crying constantly and so irritable. A few weeks later and it was like a cloud lifted and I was myself again. It just took time for the hormones to level off and my body to get used to it. This is a very common experience. Sometimes you just have to give your body a little time to recover. Basically, if you were fine before weaning, you should give yourself a few weeks to normalize before you try to fix yourself because you’re not broken, your body just needs some time to level out. It’s just like weaning off of meds. Who knew babies were little drugs? 🙂

Also, the effect of weaning is often stronger the faster you wean. If baby 1 weaned slowly and baby 2 weaned quickly, your hormones would definitely be crashing harder on baby 2 and so your experience would be vastly different.

I hope your cloud lifts quickly!

soewnearth June 8, 2015 at 5:00 pm

I would have a look at Paleo loads of recipes about at the moment and they should mostly fit the brief. No grains, no dairy

Cynthia June 9, 2015 at 5:56 am

Ooohhh Lord, praying for you girl! We are GAPSY folk. It is HARD! We have been on the diet for about 18 months and the kids are at VBS this week… I recently decided we could add some things back in to make the summer sleep away camp my boys are doing easier for them. Potatoes (baby red) occasional fries 🙂 A gluten free and there. We even tried a sandwich with GF bread recently. Yeah…NOT good. One of my sons, in particular, and my youngest DD are crabby. I praise you for getting back on board. Are you good about probiotics? What do you use?

Darlene P. June 9, 2015 at 8:08 am

Have you tried edible clay? It is a detox, chelation, gut healer and immune system builder. Recently it was found that the lymphatic system is connected to the brain. If your immune system is compromised at. all. especially digestive issues, the hormonal change added to this might just be the underlying reason you feel overwhelmed, our immune system, adrenals, etc. are paramount to mental clarity. Also, having been a nursing mama myself, weaning always carries the weight of many emotions. It also seems that you might need to give yourself a little time in giving your body and emotions time to catch up with this next step in your mothering . . . give yourself a little space and forgiveness, too. Self imposed pressure never helps and perhaps reevaluate and put into writing realistic expectations for what you would like to see changed. If you don’t at the present, you could also keep a food diary as well, but then again it could just be another thing on the already too long “to do” list! And most importantly, make sure you laugh, have fun, seek joy and reach out to those who understand and can actually support and help you. Good friendships are the ultimate “counseling” sessions and “support” groups! Praying for peace of mind and heart and a lift of spirit!

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