DIY Decor Sale Shout-Out

by Ivory Soap on 06/10/2015

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201500005240_1I don’t normally do this.  But, today is the last day for the 2015 sale.  I know that sounds nuts.  What do I need a half used calendar for?  Well, I learned from my MIL to use them for the art.  Between dead vintage children’s books and calendars, she has decorated the nurseries in our family delightfully.  She would take the top half of a calendar like the one below, trim it down to the image and frame it.201500004922_2

June is great time for calendar sales.  Prices range from 1.49 to ~$6.  If you go over $25 there’s no shipping.  Over $30 and there are coupon codes on line to get 20% off.  I ordered a bunch of fine art calendars for our art appreciation.  I’m going to mount them on card stock and run them through the laminator.  Beats the heck out of $8 per print from the National Gallery!

And in our church, I just found out, the art is mostly $5 posters in $300 frames!  You can’t tell the difference.  So, whatever you’re into, no need to buy something pricey.

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Judy Stewart June 10, 2015 at 8:13 am

That is a great idea! I ordered a Monet calendar. It is on linen-like paper. I am excited!

Ivory Soap June 10, 2015 at 9:17 am

I ordered ALL of them in that series! Well, not the Klee/Kandinsky and the like. I also like that they were scaled to fit, not cropped to fit a 12×12 square. That kills the composition for me.

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