Guess Who Has Baby Goats?

by Ivory Soap



Let the healing begin.

now you can see

Their names are Taco and Steve.  (Taco has the “sauce” on him.)  They’re wethers.  Snipped.  Fixed.  Anyway, they’re adorable!

We got them from Osborne Farm in Burlison, TN.  It was an HOUR away.  Steve rode in my daughter’s lap.


Taco rode in mine.


He left me some sauce.

taco sauce

He’s not very sorry.

taco face

We also picked up 4 Red Star chickens.  Our favorite kind.  And my husband built a run out of pvc and chicken wire.

chix2The poor dears have all kinds of feather issues because of the roosters.  We joke that we rescued them from polygamy.


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David The Good July 27, 2015 at 8:16 pm

They really are adorable. I miss our goats – we just didn’t have the space.

farmkiti July 28, 2015 at 1:40 pm

I used to have goats! We also had 2 Great Pyrenees Dogs. Well, those dogs patrolled all over our land, just like they’re supposed to, being livestock guardians. The funny part is that one of the male goats ran with the dogs! He thought he was one of them and would run everywhere that they did, “patrolling” the perimeter and the entire 30 acres! It was the funniest thing we ever saw!

We also had a hen and a rooster named Rocky. We rescued him from being a fighting cock; hence the name. Fresh eggs were a really nice benefit – LOVE THEM! The other 2 goats we had were mama and baby. Well, one day the mama was killed by a rattlesnake and the baby was orphaned while still weaning. So I took him inside and gave him a shallow bowl of warm milk. He promptly spread-eagled on the ground and sucked up the milk all in one swallow. And it was plenty of milk! I then held him in my lap and rocked him to sleep. He was very traumatized at the time because of his mama being bit by the snake. Later he ran all around our property and ate his feed and was a happy little camper. One day someone who was visiting us (they were city people!) left a gate open and he escaped, never to be seen again. Sad day for us! We lived in South Central Texas at the time, so I can only hope he did not become dinner for someone, since young goat meat is highly prized there. I felt responsible for not making sure our visitors closed the gate. I still miss my little goat-baby!

That was many years ago and we are retired now and living in the suburbs. No goats or chickens allowed. But we really treasure our memories on the farm with our little creatures. There’s noting like being caretakers of animals and land and feeling that strong connection with both.

I really enjoy reading your blog!

Lucy July 29, 2015 at 3:06 am

Really delighted for you, your last post about your animals broke my heart. Let the healing begin indeed!

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