How to Brew Fresh Ginger Tea and a Discount Code For You

by Daisy

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I’m a tea drinker.

I brew a pot of tea every day, just for myself, sometimes two pots. If that isn’t enough, there’s tea bags to brew it by the cup.

Several years ago, my blog partner/bud, Deanna, had one of her babies and we had a shower for her. Surprise, surprise, I picked the theme of a traditional tea party: real loose tea in teapots, cucumber sandwiches, cream scones with strawberries and cream, the whole magilla.

I wanted REAL loose leaf tea for this adventure, not that anyone would flip out if I served Lipton, but for my own tea sensibilities that’s what I determined would suit. I also wanted an organic tea. What I found changed my tea game forever. It was an organic estate tea, from Davidson’s Organics, Banaspaty Estate Assam.

It was the first time I’d ever had truly excellent tea. I marveled at how, after brewing, I could identify large pieces of tea leaf in the brewed tea leaves. They looked plump and vital and didn’t clump together like the lump of fine crumbs of tea from the big supermarket brands. They looked like actual leaves.

The taste, well, I’d liked tea before, but now I could understand why tea could become the national obsession of so many countries, why it could shape international trade and be worthy of extreme political statement.

I’d bought a whole pound, and since I can only drink caffeinated tea in the morning, that pound lasted until, oh, I think Deanna’s baby was talking in full sentences by then. I enjoyed every cup and became an insufferable tea snob.

My new favorite way to enjoy this Assam has been as a Fresh Ginger Tea.


Simply grate fresh ginger, about a heaping, fluffy tablespoon per 4-cup pot of tea. Allow to steep with the tea for about 6-8 minutes, then strain and pour.


I serve it with a generous splash of UNsweetened evaporated milk. It gives the tea a richness I can’t get from milk or even cream.

If you add enough ginger it has a pleasing heat that I love, and the ginger flavor complements the rich tones of the Assam. The evaporated milk ties them together with a velvety caramel creaminess.

If you want to try it for yourself, Davidson’s Organics is offering Little House readers an exclusive 10% discount on all tea bag, loose leaf, and iced teas on their website. Type in DAISY7 at checkout.

I warn you, it will turn you into a tea snob. But it’s the best type of snob to be: no one has to know but you and your tea cupboard.


Davidson’s Organics: DAISY7 for 10% off all tea bag, loose leaf, and iced teas


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