Workshops and Appearances

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Daisy and Deanna regularly present workshops and make appearances within the Shelby County, TN area.  Unless we are already travelling outside that area, we charge an honorarium and travel costs.  If you are interested in out-of-area events, please contact us for details.

Book Signing

Our book, Little House in the Suburbs, makes a great gift for friends who are first-timers in the world of gardens, chickens, goats, DIY cleaning, handmade gifts and cosmetics. Daisy and Deanna appear at local bookstores or other avenues to sign books and give short DIY demonstrations.  For these events, we can provide Q/A sessions, read aloud sessions for children from Deanna’s children’s books, take home bags of DIY laundry detergent, and display tables of examples of projects contained in our book.  If these are in the Shelby County area, there is no charge.

Speaking and workshops

Daisy and Deanna can provide the following workshops for negotiable honorariums. We appear at libraries and churches free of charge, unless supplies are requested.

DIY/Green Cleaning Solutions (1.5-2.5 hrs)

Why are our commercial products are so strong? This presentation teaches participants the elements behind the chemistry of cleaning and how to make their own household cleaning products. Recipes are provided for laundry detergent, stain fighting, and cleaning most household surfaces. For workshops containing a hands-on mixing session, participants will need to bring four spray bottles and two quart ziplock baggies.

Suburban Farm Animals and Care (1hr)

Chicken and mini-goats in the suburbs? Why? How? This talk teaches participants the ins and out of suburban farm animal care, with consideration for their nieghbors and municipality. Live chickens and goat cheerfully provided, if desired.

DIY Cosmetic Products (2hrs)

100% natural sunscreen, luxury lotion bars, exfoliating scrub, liquid soap, and lip balm. Hands-on workshop. All products made from beeswax, shea butter, essential oils, dried herbs, and other natural ingredients.

Soapmaking for First-Timers (1.5 hrs)

Ever wished you could mix your own soaps? First-timer’s hands-on workshop. Participants will need to bring one Pringles can from home as a soap mold.

Get You Garden Started (1hr)

Customized to your area. What plants to plant, when, and how. Teaches participants how to choose the right type of garden for their property and personality style. Beginner garden plans and maintenance provided.

Handmade Gift Workshop (2hr minimum)

This is our most flexible, and specialized workshop. We have an assortment of gift basket items in our book that are appropriate for first-time crafters. For those groups that would like to prepare 5 baskets of handmade gifts, this workshop will take them from start to finish in two hours. This workshop is limited to 10 participants.

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