LHITS Gardening Step #2: Composting

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Whether you’re filling pots, fields, or raised beds, you gotta have good soil and that means COMPOST.

If you already did the work in step one, then I suppose you’re sufficiently appalled at the cost of DIRT.  You probably spent $50 on compost.  How about we NEVER DO THAT AGAIN?

In Step #2, you’ll learn:

  • How to get over composting fears and feel good about your pile
  • How to build a simple bin or two
  • How to fill it
  • How to steal from friends and neighbors to get even more
  • How to mow it up to get it faster!

So, let’s get started!

Isn’t composting complicated and ICKY?

Go check out our recorded webinar (8 minutes) to help you feel all confident about composting.  It can seem like a big deal, but it’s really just a trash pile.  and there’s really no concerns about vermin.  That dog food dish your neighbor leaves out over night is a way bigger problem.  Swear!


Are you back?

That blew past awfully fast.  Give me some steps, ladies!

Go read this post on how to compost and check out my first compost bin.  (There’s instructions!)

OR, if you have a giant pile of ugly bricks in the back yard, like I did, you can see that first post for ingredient instructions and check out THIS post for the uliest compost pile on earth.  For fun, you can go see TL’s Chicken Composting post.

If you’re still confused, here’s the short version:

  1. Take anything that used to be a plant and stick it in a heap in your yard.
  2. Leave it until next year.
  3. Don’t buy anything to enrich your beds.


If you are really enthused about composting now, you can start obsessing about it and robbing your neighbors, so you never have to buy dirt again!

1.  Go see our post about how not to transport bags of leaves in the back of your station wagon.

2.  Go read out post about speeding up the composting process with with the lawn mower.

3.  Brainstorm ideas about where you can get big bags of trash for your garden…Starbucks, dead things from plant nurseries, rotten produce from the grocery, the bean shellin’ machine at the local farm supply store.

For more information on different styles of compost bins and ways to conceal your whole operation so the HOA doesn’t come after you:

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