Paradox: On Being A Gardener


Gardeners are a patient sort. We plant what we know will take years before the time it produces the first harvest. Each year after that, we tend and wait a whole year for that small window of time when we reap the fruits of our labors and our time invested. Gardeners are dreamers and hopers. […]

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Make Your Own Cheap and Easy Plant Propagation Box

Free Plans & Printables

When I was going through our local Master Gardener course, we went on a field trip to Memphis Botanic Gardens, where the resident garden manager, Chris Cosby, led a brief course in propagation techniques. One of the methods he described was using a modified styrofoam cooler to make a propagation box for cuttings. I built […]

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Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation


After a toxic oil spill in my garden, one of the readers of our blog kindly contacted mycologist Tradd Cotter on my behalf. One of the perks of having a blog with its group of great readers is people like her. First of all, in case you didn’t know, a mycologist is a biologist who […]

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Making Lemon Balm Tincture


If I were stranded on a desert island one of the first plants I’d go looking for is lemon balm. It would help keep me calm, and considering I was stranded on a desert island I would be in need of a heaping helping of calm. It would also help me sleep which would be […]

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The 6 Commandments of Entrusting Your Housekey To A Neighbor


Last week, I wrote a post about how to be a good steward of someone else’s housekeys. That got me to thinking about the hows and whys of entrusting your own housekey to someone else. The reasons we need to give a housekey to someone vary. Most of the time it’s for a specific purpose: […]

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