Iris Time With Chickens

by Daisy on 04/25/2015

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Another overnight rain.

The garden slurped it up with gusto. Especially in the spring, when if it rains, it pours, I’m reminded of the value of raised beds, whether in boxes or in rows. Nothing gets submerged in puddles, nothing gets washed to oblivion, no matter how much rain the garden gets.

There’s a reason spring rains are so important, of course: the newly planted seeds and starts need so much water now. Even one week of sun and they get thirsty-looking. Less, even, four or five days and they seem to want a drink. And there’s nothing like a good, soaking rain to a plant. It doesn’t compare to any attempt at watering, at least in my garden.


On Monday, 5 new chicks are set to arrive. It’s been a cool spring as well as a rainy one, so I’m glad I scheduled them this late so they’ll have less need of the heat lamp before they’re big enough to stay warm and the nights have warmed up, too.

I’ll be sure and post pics of the new fluff balls. Until then, here are a couple of shots of the big ladies, most of whom are six years old this spring.

IMG_6065_2 IMG_6055_2

Here’s hoping for lots of regularly-spaced rain, blue skies in between, and happy, healthy plants and livestock!


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