by Ivory Soap on 10/24/2014

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Reishi Revelation and a Milestone


Back in 2008, or maybe 2007, we really can’t remember, Deanna and I had a phone conversation that was the jumping off point for this website. As I recall, we took the common blogger recommendation to stockpile a few posts before we went “live” to make it look like we’d been at this for longer […]

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DIY Linky

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New Strawberry Bed

Beginner Gardens

Of all the typical calamities that befall strawberry beds: birds, squirrels, slugs, drought (and I’ve had all of those), it was unexpected to say the least when an electrical transformer exploded over mine and doused it with dielectric fluid just as the strawberries were getting ready to pick. But I was more determined than ever […]

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The Drips and Dabs Problem


There they sat, six or eight of them in a small bowl, wrinkled, bruised and sad. Unusable. “Chickens?” my husband asked, pointing at them. A cloud of fruit flies arose at the disturbance. I sighed heavily, a sense of failure coming over me. “Yes,” I said. “Go ahead. Give ‘em to the chickens.” They were […]

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