Applesauce from Peels and Cores

by Daisy

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Fresh from the Orchard

I have my frugal moments and this may have been the pinnacle. I made about 4 pints of applesauce out of the peels and cores left over from making canned apple pie filling . I was very discriminating, however, and meticulous about removing all (and I mean all) of the seeds and worms and other suspicious brown spots. These were premium parings from organically grown apples. Observe:

This is what didn’t make the cut:

I cooked up the parings until I had a rich, thick sauce.
I put all the cooked sauce through a colander a little at a time by mushing with a ladle. Messy, time-consuming, but worth it. This would have been a lot easier if I had a ricer.

Here is the finished product, smooth, tasty, pink homemade applesauce. All from what ordinarily would head straight to the compost bin.

Now where’s my Certificate of Frugality?

Tomato Lady

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