Homemade Baby Wipes

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The beginning of chemical-free-dom often begins with our baby’s hind end…

Homemade Baby Wipes.

There are two camps on homemade baby wipe rags. The disposable and the non-disposable. On the left side of the menacing pic above, you see the paper-towel-roll-cut-with-a-knife version (cut roll once shortways and once long ways. 1/4 roll per batch solution). On the right you see the (MY) cloth version. (TL has these GORGEOUS hand sewed flannel jobbies, but I use scissor-cut-up-t-shirts.)

I have to tell you right off, that my preference between cloth or disposable homemade wipes has little to do with my feeling about The Planet or The Wallet. It has more to do with how I feel about The Poop.

When my kids are little and have that cute little milk diaper or an early-stage solid food & milk poo, I’m all about the cloth. But once they graduate to Toddler Poo, which is remarkably similar to Grown-Up Poo, I’m NOT into the cloth wipes. Revoke my Eco-Awesomeness Card or whatever. I’m just not down with the developed-digestive-tract-omnivore-feces.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten through the uncomfortable part, we can move on.

After you’ve cut whatever type of wipes you like (and PLEASE don’t try to make them uniform, for crying out loud, they’re BUM wipers, right?) and stacked them into the box, you’re ready for phase two: SOLUTION TIME.

Every solution has one or more of a few basic components:
1) water (necessary)
2) cleaner (almost necessary)
3) something lotion-y (perk)
4) something a bit anti-bacterial/fungal (perk)

There are BOATLOADS of options on the net. But I prefer a mix of:
1) 2 cups water
3) 2 T squished up aloe juice (I have a plant in the house)
4)5 drops tea tree oil.

Now, I can count. I left out number 2, because I don’t put soap in mine. Uber-sensitive skin in my house. But, if I ever do try it, I’ll go for 1/2 T melted homemade soap.

However, you can add a myriad of things depending on your preference and resources:
1) WATER: filter water, distilled water, bottled water, water you cooked up in a lab yourself.
2) SOAPYNESS: baby soap, homemade soap, no soap, baby shampoo
3) LOTION: calendula oil, lavender oil, aloe vera gel, aloe plant juice, baby lotion
4) ANTI-BACTERIAL: tea tree oil, bit of vinegar, other essential oils that are anti-badstuff

The next decision is between, always-wet-wipes and wetted-at-the-time-wipes. I tend to use wet-at-the-time for my cloth wipes, but once baby has graduated to the afore-mentioned Advanced Poo, I do the wetted-all-the-time-disposable wipes.

The reasons are the following:

1)Tiny babies don’t need a lot of wipes and mine start to turn ICK before I use them all. That, and I like the idea of FRESH wipes on the baby booty. So, I keep the solution in an old mustard bottle and wet as I go.

2)Once baby has, ahem, GRADUATED, I switch to the disposable wipes. And I just soak those bad boys with solution and leave them in the box. NO WAY I won’t use them in time. (The size of the baby is directly proportional to the amount of wipes used by Ivory on said bum.)

So, there you go. Google some other options, but as long as you have water and a few drops of something to condition, clean, and/or de-funk the baby booty, you should be fairly satisfied with the results.


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