Homemade Butter

Homemade butter is one of those things that you make for TASTE. You haven’t really lived until you’ve had butter that’s less than hour old. Mmmmmm….

Fortunately, making butter is really easy! All you need is whipping cream and a way to agitate it. I used a mixer.

[Yields one pint of butter (just under a pound) and one pint of milk]

1 quart whipping cream
to taste

1. Beat whipping cream in a bowl until it separates into yellow butter and white milk.

[Mr. Ivory accidentally deleted MY pic, so this one is HERS.]

2. Reserve milk for use for drinking, baking, soups, shakes, etc.

3. Pour a cup of cold water over the butter and beat again. Pour off.

4. Repeat until water is mostly clear.

5. Smoosh out extra water and salt to taste.

6. EAT IT WITH A SPOON!!! (Sorry, I meant to say, spread it delicately on your MIL’s banana bread and take tiny lady-like bites.)


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  1. The spoon sounds better. Thanks for “how-to. You make it sound so easy I think I will give it a try.

    I just bumped into your blog. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Man. I wish I did stuff like make my own butter. Instead I comment on blogs of people who make their own butter. It’s sad.

  3. This brings back some precious memories! I haven’t made butter since I was a kid, and we started with unpasturized milk, after it had gone bad. I would never have thought about using whipping cream. Can’t wait to try it! :)

  4. Mmm… butter! So many of your (and Tomato Lady’s too, of course) posts make me want to try them out.

    When I was a kid my parents owned a milking cow and we always had buckets and buckets of milk. I never learnt to make butter though. Now I know how!

    Btw, dunno if you changed the RSS feed or something fortuitous happened at my end but it suddenly started working for me. Yay!

  5. We did this a couple of weeks ago except had the kids shaking cream in a jar. :D It took a little bit and dh ended up shaking most of it, but it was a fun experience! :D

  6. I am so jazzed that this is such a big hit. I mean, I know that I LOVE HOMEMADE BUTTER, but I had no expectation of a whole chorus of butter lovers!

    And tempyra, I did just change the feed settings. I suspected something was off. Glad to know it’s working now.

  7. goodness gracious, my husband now thinks i’m a domestic goddess. he’s told all of his family and co-workers that “my wife made butter last night! butter! can you believe it?” i don’t know whether to thank you or yell at you, tl, because while i enjoy how much he’s going on about it, i’m afraid he’ll come to expect such things all the time… lol! anyway, it turned out great. thanks for the recipe!!!

  8. I made butter at school with my kiddos a couple weeks ago. So easy, so fun, and so yummy! I pured about a half cup of cream into a pint mason jar and the kids took turns shaking it until it started to thump. They thought it was done a couple of times before it actually was finished, but we just kept passing it around until that butterball sloshed back and forth in the buttermilk. Super delicious on our homemade, whole-wheat bread.