Auntie’s Afghan Pattern

by Daisy

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Adapted from THIS pattern.

Afghan is worked with a P-hook, THREE strands held together, and absolute crap load of worsted weight acrylic.

(I used two red, one gray.)

Ch 84. (Or however wide you like your blankies. I’m 5’10” and like to be swallowed in afghan-osity. You can do 54, 64, 74, 84, 1204…)

Row 1 Sc and dc in 2nd ch from hook, *skip 1 ch, sc and dc in next ch; rep from * across. Ch 1, turn.

Row 2 Sc and dc in first dc, *skip next sc, sc and dc in next dc; rep from * across, skip last sc. Rep row 2 until afghan is about five feet long, do not fasten off. Ch 1, turn.

TRIM: Sc in each dc and dc in each sc along the top, hdc and sc in corner, for side*sc TWO times in each dc scallop and put TWO dc in each valley* (unless this is too much and super-waffly for you–drop from TWO to ONE one or both) to next corner, working an extra 2 sc at last st, sc evenly across bottom, hdc and dc in corner, then work along side edge as before, put an extra 2 sc at last st, join with slip slip st, fasten off and call the doctor for the hernia it will give you to lift this sucker onto the bed.



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sara April 21, 2011 at 10:47 am

I am just teaching myself to crochet, and somehow found your blog and all your patterns!! I was wondering how much yarn this took? And did you just use the cheap Red Heart yarn? Most afghans use yarn that is $6-10 a piece and then use a ton of skeins..can’t aford that! 🙂

Ivory Soap April 29, 2011 at 5:09 pm

Oh, I can’t remember. It was a lot, but I used red heart or “I love that yarn” from hobby lobby

Viki1 January 3, 2012 at 10:58 am

I LOVE you . . . I’m always looking for patterns (especially afghans) to tell you how many chains to increase the size. I, too, LOVE larger afghans and the patterns are usually “skimpy”. I LOVE Red Heart, Bernat and anything I can find in the “remnants bin” at A.C. Moore. You wouldn’t by any chance live in the DC area (MD, VA), would you? Thank you for including how to increase this pattern!

Homeschooling Mommy of 5 August 13, 2012 at 3:35 am

I’m a tad confused…at the end of R2 you advise to “skip last sc” and you don’t mention turning or turning chs. Without continuing to the end of the row, I’m left w/ a little ‘hump’ sticking off the side and if I continue in this manner I’ll have these little ‘humps’ alternating sides throughout! Since you didn’t forewarn about these in the pattern, I must conclude that I’ve messed up royally here! lol If I continue the pattern sequence, however, I’ll end the row w/ a sc & dc in the last sc. I’ve taken it out and started over (x2) to make sure my FR has the correct amount of chs., and it ends up the same way.

Also, w/o adding a turning chain the shape of the piece will not remain square, right? I really am an experienced crocheter :0), although, with my crew around here it’s quite possible my brain has vacated the premises!

Btw, I’m using scraps of LB homespun in Baroque, RH shimmer in Pewter & Orchid and it’s gorgeous already!! Thanks bunches!

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