Soap Present-ation

by Daisy

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Whether you do melt-n-pour, cold process, hot process, or hand-milled, when it comes to soap sophistication, packaging is where it’s at.

What if someone just handed you three bare bars of Dove as a present? Happy Birthday! Lame.

But what if they ‘hand-milled’ that same soap (read melted and reformed it) with milk and oats and rewrapped it as you see above. Not so lame, right? But how much more did that really cost?

If you want people Oooo and Ahhh over your soapy gifts, it has to be presented in a way that communicates it’s true handcrafted awesomeness.

All you need is a sheet of regular old gift bag tissue paper, a printer, tape, glue stick, and a piece of stationary or other somewhat-heavy colored paper.

1. Wrap each bar of soap with one or two layers of paper. Do that foldy thing on the ends and tape…just like you used to before gift bags came along. (I guess you could use a gluestick here, but that didn’t occur to me at the time.)

2. I think I used Donny’s Hand font and Arial for the name and ingredients. I eyeballed how wide the bar of soap was and squished it all in. Then I printed it landscape on some stationary.

3. I cut it into strips and wrapped it around each bar, (sideways to cover the tape-*wink*) sealing it with a swipe of glue stick.

On Christmas day, my relatives were in AWE!


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erin October 24, 2009 at 7:39 pm

thanks for the great idea. My husband and I make soap and give it away as gifts. I totally agree with you that packaging is everything. I usually spend more time packaging it than making the soap.

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